Who We Are

Claim Compass provides the most complete front end solution on the market for reporting, and submitting the First Report of Injury for all 50 states. We focus on initial claims data. Our goal is to help organizations be compliant, save money, and be more efficient in reporting their claims.


What’s different about Claim Compass? At Claim Compass, we saw a market with too many holes, gaps, and let-downs. We decided to do something about it. We made sure Claim Compass would be:

  • Carrier and TPA neutral. We will send your claim data anywhere, not just to a specific organization.
  • Claims management and risk management system neutral.
  • We will work with any system.
  • Able to support claims forms from all 50 states Able to report claims in every conceivable way (see diagram below)
ClaimCompass is based in Kaysville, UT. We are 100% independent and privately held by the owners of Claimwire.
Workflow Scheme

Free 30 Day Trial

Want to see for yourself how ClaimCompass works? Just create a profile and start entering claims. It's that easy.


Simple and Fair Pricing

When you enter a new incident you pay a small fee. No set up fees, no subscription fees, no monthly minimums. Once a month, we charge your credit card for new incidents. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

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Please contact us if you have any questions, or suggestions. We want to offer the best solutions we can - we want to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Thanks.





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